Обществу с ограниченной ответственностью «Хайлайт-Плюс"


Преподаватель английского, немецкого, французского, истальянского, испанского и китайского языков


  • преподавание в детских, подростковых и взрослых группах;
  • работа с литературой ведущих  зарубежных издательств ;
  • по необходимости участие в общественной жизни школы.


  • Образование по специальности

Место работы:

  • в одном из филиалов г. Кемерово

График работы:

  • 25 учебных часов в неделю, один выходной и один методический день в неделю.


  • оформление по ТК, соцпакет.

English language teacher

School of foreign languages "Highlight" invites teachers whose native language is English. This private school has over twenty teachers and has several branches around the city of Kemerovo. It has friendly teachers who will always help you and be keen to talk to you. Students use the school for their language learning outside of work, university and in addition to secondary school. You will make friends with hundreds of people. You will be an important member of the school, and be asked to teach at times in camps for a change of scene. The students are of varying abilities, a few groups are advanced and easy to get on with, and beginners groups are eager and friendly. The school mainly uses the methods of Oxford University Press. The school has been established for 14 years and boasts modern text-books, reference books, story books, videos, plus a wide range of additional material. It has DVD-players in all classrooms as well as one interactive board in each branch, more than six classrooms at the main building, equipped with maps, posters, whiteboards and blackboards. Our school is also the Cambridge ESOL Authorized exams centre. Regarding the demographics, our youngest are 3 years old (but you are not supposed to teach them), then children of school age from 7 to 17 (you are supposed to give them lessons) and adults (you are supposed to give them lessons as well).

The main aim of bringing a teacher is to create this languages environment we are lacking and to develop our students' speaking skills.

The conditions are as follows:

  • we'll pay the cost of the flights
  • you will stay in a rented flat paid by Highlight school
  • the teaching hours are mostly in the afternoon
  • the total amount of hours a week is 24-26 hours
  • the salary is to be agreed with the school authorities
  • the cost of living in Kemerovo is roughly around $300 a month

Kemerovo is a young, pleasant city on the banks of the river Tom. It has two main parts, with a large forest/park between the two where you can walk at weekends at any time of the year. The temperature does not hinder your daily business. It is an industrial city, quite modern and commercialized, surrounded by countryside of plains and hilly birch and pine forests. Situated in Western Siberia, Kemerovo is a good base for the summer exploration of the Gornaya Shoria and Altai mountains nearby.

You' ll get to experience what it is like to live in the real Russia. If you like to have a fresh challenge in your life, "Highlight School" will give you this chance.

We look forward to getting your answer and hope for collaboration.
Best wishes,

Alevtina Kovrova
director of Highlight School of Foreign languages, Kemerovo, Russia

  • Our address: 650060 Lenin Prospect 137/3 Kemerovo, Russia
  • Tel./Fax: 8 (3842) 37-07-60
  • E-mail: highlight42@yandex.ru
  • "Highlight-Plus" l.t.d